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Contracts are legal documents that cover all obligations including loans, credit cards, rental, gym membership, pawn shops and telephones. They set out the terms and conditions of your agreement with another party.

  • Both you and the other party have the right to enforce the terms of the contract in court.
  • If you have trouble with making payments, read your contract, check your options and check for any penalties. How do you terminate it and are there are any costs?
  • If you think you are being charged higher fees or payments that those in the contract, or your finance company is not responding to your hardship situation, seek help from a financial counsellor - refer Help section.

Internet, Mobile phones, Gym memberships etc Sounds good when you sign up but means you are committed for the period of the contract. If you cancel, you are generally left with a debt. With phone contracts make sure you stick to your cap. With debit arrangements make sure the money is in the bank on the right day. If you need HELP contact numbers for financial counselling and legal advice can be found in our help section under debt management.