Casey North Community Information and Support Services

Emergency Relief

Emergency relief helps people cope with immediate financial crisis in a way that keeps the dignity of the individual and inspires self-reliance. Emergency relief can serve as a safety net for people experiencing financial distress. It helps ease the financial crisis of those who have limited resources.
If you find yourself in a financially difficult situation, recovering from a disaster, or require special assistance, Casey North can provide you emergency relief grants. The stress of financial hardship can be overwhelming and very difficult in certain circumstances, but Casey North is here to help people get through it.

Our Emergency Relief Services

Emergency relief organisations can be the primary point of contact for an individual with complex needs arising from a financial crisis. Many community organisations provide emergency relief services and support people in addressing their immediate basic necessities. Our free food vouchers for low-income families can help meet the daily requirements for people in financial distress. 

If you find yourself in a tough spot, reach out and contact us for support service.

Urgent financial assistance can be provided with food packages, cloth or transport and materials such as household goods, groceries, healthcare, and essential medicines for an emergency. Our services are designed to assist those in need, and we are funded to provide assistance to people experiencing financial hardship in the following postcode areas; 3803380438053806, and 3807 (within the City of Casey).

Making an Appointment

Assistance can be provided with food, prescriptions and travel for emergency needs. This is an extremely busy program and people with appointments will be given priority over those dropping in. If you are unsure of where to go for assistance, please call us (03 9705 6699) and we will provide you with the information relevant to your area.

Keeping it together