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A fine is money that you have to pay as a penalty for committing an offence against the law including non-payment of road toll fees.

Fines don't go away. You must treat them seriously.

If you believe that you did not commit the offence, you can appeal. Read the instructions sent to you with the fines to find out how. Seek help from a financial counsellor. If you are fined and you do not have the money to pay, you can apply for hardship. A financial counsellor is able to help you with this.

You can ask for more time to pay or you can ask to pay be installment.

Make sure the fine is yours – if not contact the relevant dept straight away. Pay fines on time Don’t let charges build up Call and organise a payment plan if you cannot pay it all straight away Speak to a financial counsellor HELP for with negotiating outstanding fines.

You should treat an infringement notice in the same way as a fine. If you don't pay, you can be taken to Court and end up with a higher penalty.

If you repeatedly default on your fines, you could be your vehicle wheels clamped or driver licence or motor vehicle registration suspended.

Bankruptcy DOES NOT get rid of fines.