Casey North Community Information and Support Services


For those who want to contribute to a valuable community service, Casey North CISS offers negotiable hours, the opportunity to train and acquire new skills and the satisfaction of working with other committed people.

Casey North CISS volunteers undertake various training courses to ensure they have the skills needed to work in a busy crisis centre. Duties include administration support, data entry, No Interest Loan Scheme Volunteer and Information and Support worker. On the job support and supervision is available at all times and a mentoring system with other qualified volunteers assists new volunteers to develop confidence in working with our local community. If you are interested call our Program Manager Julie or Linda during office hours.


When one of the bowlers in my club asked me what I planned to do with my life now that I was retired, little did I know how much change his recommendation would bring.  My background qualifications and work experience are in metallurgy and automotive engineering followed by a transition to retirement job working as a Postie with Australia Post. Starting work as an Emergency Relief Support Worker with CNCISS was about as alien to my previous 2 jobs as one could imagine.

After completing the introductory six week course, I was introduced into conducting interviews assisting those less fortunate than myself both materially and by supportive listening. It opened my eyes to the needs of people in the Casey community and how I could in some small way make their day a little brighter than when they first entered our offices.  The last seven years have been a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience, but the time spent engaging with the public has made me a more understanding and empathetic person. 

Over the time volunteering at CNCISS I have received unconditional support and advice from the staff and fellow volunteers when requested.  It is a great place to work with likeable people who devote their time and efforts to assisting those in the community in need.

Keeping it together